Book Cover For Essence!

I’m excited to say that I just received my new book cover for Essence, part two of Jael’s Birthright, and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it! Although this book is taking longer to finish than I had expected, I’m close to an ending, and then it’s off to my editor.

As a published writer ( I don’t feel I’ve earned the right to call myself an author as of yet), I have a new-found respect for those who write serial stories. So much goes into remembering the previous content of your book that it can become simply overwhelming! Plotting, scheming, creating conflicts, not a problem. Remembering who needs what questions answered, what’s already been solved and what has yet to be completed – yeah, a whole new ball game when creating serial stories. People like Tina Folsom and Evangeline Anderson who are somewhere in the teens of their series and sometimes have to go back to the second book to get some of their information on book fourteen, well, my hats off to them. They are my hero’s.

Emergence was my baby. A long time in the making (about two years) and I’m very proud of it.  But Essence went to a place I least expected it to go and I hope you guys enjoy the change of pace. I will also be giving you guys a few teasers in the following couple of weeks, I hope you will come back and see it.

Without further delay, here is the cover for Essence, I hope you like it!


Coming soon!

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